Journey to Oklahoma

What I really loved about Cookson, was that it was a vision of what I wish the foster care system could be. After spending three and a half years in the system myself, watching these families and their kids, made me wish I could have been a part of it when I was younger. Cookson has 8-10 kids in each family, led by two parents. You can't begin to imagine what a strain this must put on a marriage, not to mention if you are having to raise your own biological children on top of this.
While we were there, we got to see the houses they live in, eat with a family, and see their new school that they recently moved into. It was very inspiring to see the families compete against each other in our Roundup, and to see just how competitive that they can get. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the little ones get dressed up for Halloween, and get their bags filled with candy as they made their way through our small carnival and then compete in our costume contest. Even the adults got in on the fun!
Our team worked really great together, and during our downtime, hung out, fixed each other breakfast, and came up with ideas for next year. This is definitely a trip I want to do again next year. Please pray for Cookson. They need strong house parents and more of them. They need help with funding for new projects, and on their website, they have kits that can be purchased to help them with new kids that arrive.

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