Hi everyone! So after we served in Rhode Island, we headed to Quincy, MA for the rest of the tour. In Quincy, the team split up to hand out door hangers to promote and invite people to Restore Christian Church's Easter services in different neighborhoods and places in the area. The weather wasn't the best; it was very cold and foggy/misty, but the work we did was worth it.
The next morning was Erica's 17th birthday and so to celebrate, we went to the original Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and then went to the beach for a little while. It was really refreshing to just walk the beach and take a moment to relax and think about the week and thank God for everything he'd given and showed us on the trip. After that we started the 15 hour drive home!
Big thanks to all the parents and sponsors!
God is so good!
-Ashley Abell

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