Day 4: Travel Day / Lady Liberty

Hey friends, this is Stephen Hester!! So the night before we were doing team debrief and the leaders went ahead and told us something they were so maliciously hiding from us. We were going to visit the Statue of Liberty the next day, crazy exciting!! So that morning rolls around and we head out bright and early, grabbed a little chikfila for lunch, and arrived in New York!! We got to spend a few hours checking out the museum on Ellis Island, and then checked out Lady Liberty. Afterwards we continued on to get to Providence, arrived safely at our hotel, and got our rest that night!! It was a really great day, not only because of the things we got to do, but also because of the time we got to spend together. The slower pace of the day allowed for in depth conversation and bonding, and the group as a whole continued to grow closer to one another and learn more about each other as the day went on! I count it as nothing but a blessing to get to spend time with these awesome people and continue to learn their hearts and stories. To sum the whole day up in two words-
Twas fun

- Stephen Hester

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