Day 1: Mosaic and Inner Harbor

Hello everyone! I'd love to share with you all some of the great things that God has been doing in our hearts and in this trip! Today, we arrived at Mosaic and played our first service. I think that I can speak for all of us when I say we were in love with the heart of this church. Mosaic calls themselves a church for people that don't go to church. They try their best to make people feel super welcomed and a part of the church family there at Mosaic. Getting to talk to all of the people was one of my favorite parts because I got to hear over and over how much every person felt like they were part of the Mosaic family. My favorite of these many interactions was with a sophomore in high school named Christian. Christian has had a very rough life. He lost both of his parents by the age of 10, and I knew this before I even met him because the pastor had told us about him saying he was such a great guy. Talking to Christian, you never would've known how much pain has been in his life because he is so set free by the grace and love of God. One of the coolest things I heard him say was to me and Stephen Hester. Christian was a keys player for the church and he told us, "It's so cool to be able to talk to strong christians my age! Especially christians that are super talented musicians as well! You don't get that here!" That's when I could see the impact we were having on this kid's life. For the first time, he saw that he wasn't the only high school kid who had a heart that yearned to worship the Lord. The joy in his eyes was super fulfilling to me and I felt a spiritual connection to him from the start. We then proceeded to go down to the inner harbor to hang out with high school kids from Mosaic and see the festival of lights down in the city. After a long time of searching for parking, we got to go down and enjoy some super cool light exhibits. We grew even closer to the Mosaic kids and then it was time to head back. Overall it was a super cool day and a great first day of the trip. We love Mosaic and we love it's people! Thanks for all your prayers and support and we ask for those to continue as we continue finding more people like Christian who feel very alone in this post-christianity society, and who need to see that they're not the only ones with hearts that have been turned over to the Lord. Thanks!

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