Hello Friends!
Today we woke up in Baltimore, MD and left our hotel at 6:30am. We headed to Mosaic Christian Church to lead worship for the three morning services they have. Our team served there the night before for the Saturday service. As a team we learned about their passion for evangelism and how they live that out in their church. They really pursue to make that passion true and lived out in their lives. Which is absolutely phenomenal. Their mission statement is "a church for people who don't go to church" and serving during the four services this weekend I could see that completely made Mosaic incredibly unique. They go after the people who feel disconnected and unworthy and speak truth to their life.
After church we went down to Mosaics new building that is getting rebuilt. Their current building is at 9,000sq ft and it will jump to 44,000 sq ft which is absolutely incredible! God is providing for and creating more space for more people and seeing God change and shape their church in such a creative way was such a blessing.
Later that day we drove down to the Harbor to walk around as a team and enjoy the day. I really treasured this day in my heart. As we walked we were able to see people and the city in a different light.
We met a woman named Becky, she was delicate and you could tell she had been through a lot. She was asking for eight dollars because she needed to wash her clothes. After hearing her story Jenna gave her the money and we prayed for her in a huge huddle and I remember looking up and seeing the world just transform in my eyes. It went from being stiff and bitter into a delicate beauty just like Becky.
This city is so unique in the fact that they aren't trying to fit. In Louisville I feel like everyone is trying to be one person or another and just walking around seeing the faces of Gods children and being able to just appreciate their creativity and uniqueness of their lifestyle was a blessing. One of my favorite things about the city was seeing the street performers. There was a man who was making music with these old buckets and a shopping cart. I was captivated. He was dancing and singing words that I couldn't understand and he just loved what he was doing! It was like he wasn't expecting anything but the joy that he gets from making music. I got my camera out and took a Polaroid picture of him and gave it to him along with a couple dollars that Ashely and I put together and Invited him to Easter service at Mosaic.
God is doing great things in this city and I can't wait to see more of what he is going to do in this country.
-Sarah Wood

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