Our team started the day waking up and rolling out at 8:30. As we drive over to TSW, a couple students gave a little devotional to the team. When we arrived at TSW, we learned about human trafficking. This was important and interesting to learn. After the lesson we went straight to work. Some went to plant crops. Some went to clean out a shed and paint a chicken coop. Some went to clear out weeds for a place of worship. We worked for a couple hours and then we ate lunch. Our team got to talk with one of the leaders there and ask different questions about TSW. After lunch we went back to work and finished our projects. Later on the day, our band got to do a acoustic set of worship for the residents at TSW. This was one of the most humbling experiences. The ladies were raising their hands and praising with us. At the end of our set, we played "can't stop the feeling" by Justin Timberlake and danced with the women. Our team ate pizza and played an intense game of signs. We left and had a debrief at the hotel about the day. After debriefing the day we got to do what we wanted. Most of us went to shower and sleep but, some did go to the pool. All in all the day, was an humbling experience. We got to serve the lord in a way out of our usual routines.
That's all folks


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