Day 4 | CIY & Cookson Hills

Yesterday was an absolutely amazing day. First we woke up at Ozark Christian College had breakfast, then we all piled into our vans and headed to CIY's (Christ In youth) Facility and they gave us a tour of their building. we got to meet all the amazing people who make events such as Bible + Beach, Believe, MIX, and Super Star happen. we got to see their offices and just talk to them. by the end of the tour they fed us breakfast burritos and we sat in a big meeting room and talked and listened to Justin Bieber. then they where so nice and gave us all free shirts! after we were done at CIY we all got back in our vans and headed 2 hours to cookson hills! as soon as we arrived we got to meet Mrs. debbie. she is a house parent to some kids who were staying there and she gave us some back story and what they did and just was overall so nice. after that, we began loading in. We finished loading in and sound checking at a record time of one hour! after we where done loading in we went and had dinner. Which was delicious. after dinner we got to meet a couple of teens who lived there and got to have conversations with them and played basketball with them too! after that we rehearsed and got ready for the night. Kids started pouring into the gym at around 6:30 and found their seats and waited for the event to start. The event started and at first they weren't super into it then after a couple of songs they slowly started getting more into the music and started dancing. By the last song we got pretty much everyone dancing and singing at the top of their lungs. for the last song the choir jumped down off the stage and danced with them! overall it was an absolutely amazing day and we saw God work in so many of their hearts and getting to worship along side them was such an honor.

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