Day 1 | Awaken Youth Tour Update

First day was a success! We got the opportunity to go into Flora, IL. We played at a place called First Christian Church. It was very cool seeing how different it was there compared to how we do things back home. We met some really cool people throughout the night, and wow, don't get me started about the food. They made us dinner with all sorts of options from Fried chicken, and Sloppy Joe, to an Ice cream bar. It was no shortage of awesome. The members of First Christian Church helped us load up the trucks and prayed for us before we went to the Hosts homes where they were kind enough to let us stay for the night, and provided us with whatever we needed. It was an awesome night, and the awesomeness will continue. We are currently driving to Joplin, MO. On our way to Ozark Christian College, I cant wait to see what God has in store for us next, as we ride to our next destination. God is awesome!


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