Master's Men Cuba Mission 2020

The Master's Men [MM] Cuba Mission Trip 2020 was an exciting opportunity to minister to & on behalf of the Church @ Alamar, led by Pastor Eduardo. Their ministry to MM over the last 17 years has expanded as much as the church has grown to over 200 house churches & over 20 pastors. And MM ministry has expanded as well. MM was able to minister thru a glorious series of opportunities beginning at the Miami Intl. airport, the Baptist seminary students & Baptist churches, the church at Alamar & its pastors & staff, as well as to & thru the Cuban National Coro. These made the MM trip both special & we believe productive in the Cuban community. One such meeting occurred the Sunday we sang our 2nd of 3 concerts at Baptist congregations near the seminary. During all of our songs, mostly in Spanish, an older gentleman sat slumped in the front row, head bowed, arms & legs crossed, seemingly asleep, however when we began to sing "Cuan Grand Es El" [How Great Thou Art] he came alive, singing & praising God to his utmost. What joy & tears that brought from me. It was amazing how many Cuban people joined in the singing of Te Alabamos [We Worship You] to the tune of Guantanamera, a Cuban traditional song about a promiscuous woman. The Cuban people, unlike their leaders love Americans & I can't help believing the Love of Jesus Christ is growing in Cuba as well. The church at Alamar besides being gracious hosts, is having an impact on Cuban people's lives. We want to return to help the church expand their ministry all the more. Please pray for Pastor Eduardo & his Pastors for their health, safety & continued expansion thru the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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