We added in a little opening joke time with Mr. Vince...He came up with some great jokes that made the kids laugh! There was also a video pig race that got the kids pumped up and cheering.

One little boy was nervous about being separated from his brother all week, and it seemed to be a challenge to stay one step ahead of him and keep him engaged so he wouldn't focus on missing his brother. Jodi had a conversation with him about our local Pizza King and asked him if he had ever been to a restaurant that delivered drinks on a train. He stared at her and said (keep in mind he is a new 5 year old), "You're just speaking nonsense." Ha!

Another little girl asked Jodi to repeat where we were from (Indiana) to which the girl replied, "What language do you speak there?"

Such an interesting area with a variety of people from all different places and backgrounds!

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