Cookson Hills 2018

I'm so glad to have been able to go to Cookson Hills this year! It was my first domestic mission trip and I was looking forward to doing something in the US. Everyone at Cookson was incredibly welcoming and the kids had a great time with all of the activities. I met one little girl who was on the yearbook staff and loved literature like I did so I got to know her pretty well and another little boy who was new to Cookson.

I loved working together with everyone, not only on the Southeast team but at Cookson - the kids and families helped out a ton with set up and clean up. The Southeast team was awesome and I couldn't have asked for better people to go with. We laughed more in four days than most people do in a year, I think.

It was also really nice to be out on the farm and not have access to internet or my phone except at night sometimes. It was a good break and let me focus more on being there.

Please pray for Cookson as they finish constructing their new houses and as the seniors graduate this spring.

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