I found it hard to think of going to Miami over the last 3 years in the fall as a "MISSION" trip. Its not a typical mission field as you may think of it. What I learned is that this particular area of Miami, and most likely Miami as a whole, is about 98% 'un-churched'. There is a large immigrant population and many different languages spoken. People may not have been exposed to the love of Jesus in their birth places and therefore have not sought Him out in the USA once they arrive. The Miami Church (one of the church plants facilitated by a team of churches of which Southeast participates) is sharing that love. Folks from the local church are operating a free face painting booth at their Fall Pumpkin Patch Festival and our team from Louisville provides help with painting faces of both kids and adults. What do parents do while their child is getting their face painted you might ask...hear about the Miami church and how they are serving in the community, where they are located and how the church can minister to that family, with invitations to attend and much love extended. It was a pleasure to serve alongside them, most of whom have also migrated to this country as well. They are a great demonstration of the love of Jesus themselves. Guess that makes it a pretty good mission field after all!

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