God works even when you don't remember

This year was my 7th consecutive year going on this trip. We serve on a campground on an Island in Southern Sweden. One morning, on my way back from God time (that's a bad name; all time is God time), I was walking back to where we were staying so I could have some breakfast. A man on his morning jog saw me and chased me down and got my attention. I stopped, and turned, and there was this dude who looked vaguely familiar. He reminded me that I had spoken in one of the meetings last year. He had thanked me last year for what I said. And he wanted to thank me AGAIN, for what I had shared last year. He said it had really been of great impact to his kids and to himself.

The thing is, I barely remember speaking last year. And I can't remember what I said. But God appears to have used it in such a way that it impacted this man's children and he thanked me last year and this year again.

My motive in writing this is to glorify God for what He did through me. You don't always see the fruit of the work you're doing when you're on a Mission trip. I'm honored that he let me see a small glimpse of it.

Thank God.

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