Over the last 2 weeks, we've continued to do street evangelism. Through that, my sub group (Me, Sarah Faye and Clay) have met a couple people of peace that we've met up with for DBS' (discovery bible studies). Me and Sarah Faye have met two women who are interested in christianity but come from a muslim faith. They are both migrants. You can be praying for A. and R. This has been such a blessing because women are hard to find here especially since it is a male dominated society. A. has an adorable baby boy who lights up my entire day every time I see him. I am so excited to continue to read scripture with them and love them like Jesus would!

Please continue to pray for team unity and spiritual warfare. It isn't always easy living with 9 other people and we all have different struggles and strengths. Pray that we would continue to see unity and how to best lift each other up. Also, please pray for the other sub groups because many of the people they have met are not people of peace and it has been discouraging.

We are not sure when we will start evangelizing in the actual refugee camps, so for now we are continuing to do street evangelism daily.

As for me personally, pray that I would continue to seek God first and not be distracted. Pray for perseverance as I'm here tilling the soil and not always reaping the harvest. Thank you all for your support and prayers!! We definitely need a prayer team back home so I'm so thankful for all of you!!

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