Barak's Baltimore Wrap-up

Thank you so much for your support of the students' trip to Baltimore this spring. It was a fantastic experience for me. A couple weeks ago, the 8th graders led their student ministries in anticipation of moving on to the high school group. Groups of eighth grade students were prayed for and sent. I had an opportunity to share briefly about our time in Baltimore (pictured with friend Yonas, another student who went on the mission trip).

One event that impacted me in Baltimore came through an overcrowded restaurant and change of plans. Our group redirected our course and ended up spending time talking with a guy on the street. After listening to his story and sharing the love of Jesus, our pastor led us in praying for this man. As we were leaving, I boldly reached out with a hug. "We changed something for him," was my response. A heart for the lost was born inside me. Thank you for giving so I could go!

We also brainstormed and worked to put together a church plant presentation, after visiting and learning from 4 different church planters. My observation from the trip was that the pastors' messages were powerful, and that though they were small congregations, they were just starting and should grow as the message spread.
We also spent time setting up venues, playing with kids during Sunday school, and participating in services.

To celebrate and give thanks, we shared a bonfire when we returned home. Families were welcome and had a chance to hear what happened in Baltimore from other students, too. The group definitely formed bonds of friendship--something I was glad about after all the moving I have done. Thank you for helping build into this community of believers through giving for this trip!

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