Here's a summary of the work we did at The Samaritan Women. But the blessings were found in the interactions with the residents and staff.
The majority of our efforts were focused on the administration building. The facia board needed replacing all the way around the perimeter of the house. Approx 200 ft. It was a difficult task about 20 25 feet above the ground. We rented a articulating lift to reach this.
We also built a cage for the maintenance supply room in the basement of the admin bldg, fixed Jean's door, installed 5 window a/c units, built 3 walk boards for the scaffolding, and repaired gutters on the residents bldg.

Wednesday night we had Tacos with the residents at their house. Just sitting there with these young women imagining what they might have been through it was difficult to keep the emotions in check. Knowing they are someones little girl. They could be my little girl or granddaughter.
Thursday night we had lasagna and other delicious items at the graduates home. Snickers and Wheels did a fine job with dinner. During the meal we all had the opportunity to offer some fatherly advice to Snickers. While there we got to visit the assessment house and see the progress Steve Allert had made on it. We had worked several days on that house last year. It was good to see the fruits of our labor.
Finally on Friday we had lunch with some of the staff, Steve and Jean Allert. There were some younger women and one brave young man on the staff with amazing hearts for God and the work of TSW. Hearing from these people was one more beautiful blessing from the Father.
We toured Ellicott City and the Inner Harbor Friday evening. Heading home in the morning.
Thank you to all who donated to my trip, especially the wonderful 15 year old girl that donated $14.
Thank you Jesus

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