Finding focus, familia, and purpose from afar

At some point in our lives we all struggle to find focus when it comes to faith. We become distracted by friends, family, jobs, social media, etc. We begin to lose sight of our purpose here on Earth and the mission that we as Christians have been given.

God truly had a plan for not only me, but our entire team while in Cuba. I knew prior to this trip that Cuba would hold a special place in my heart. I knew that I would long for the culture, the relationships, and for the time to serve God long after the trip was over. And I’ve done just that. It can be scary or worrisome going to a country where English isn’t the primary language, but it became so apparent that even though we speak different languages that we all love, serve, and worship the same God.

We served and shared in multiple towns and witnessed 8 people give their lives to Christ. I had the honor of giving my testimony to one of the youth whom was my age. She not only decided to give her life to Christ, but to join our team the rest of the week to serve and participate in other activities with the church. Also, I made a new friend and found a sister in Christ. She was the translator and youth leader for a house church we visited. She helped me to find patience, strengthen my love for others, and to find appreciation in each moment.

Though our time there was short, I know that our impact is everlasting. We grew as a family and as friends. We witnessed how clearly God can speak to us when we minimize distraction. This trip changed many things for me and I am comforted knowing that God placed new friends and family into my life, even if they are miles away. ~ Proverbs 27:9 ~


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