The last day of our trip was mainly travel back to Kentucky with a three hour drive to Seattle, a flight to Las Vegas, and a flight back to Louisville. At our layover in Las Vegas, we discussed the differences between the Westside church and Southeast. Some of the major differences, not advantages, were pastors at every church in Westside rather than a live screening at every campus, 4 services on Sunday rather than 2, and their baptisms happen once a month. After a stop at Jamba Juice, we loaded up on our plane and headed home. On the flight, many of us read the book, “Disciple”, by the pastor at Imago Dei. Jason earlier in the trip had stated that it is easy for mission trips in general to become more of an experience rather than a catalyst for future growth. Seeing the church in different lights has altered our perspective and made room for more questions, corrections, and growth in Southeast.

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