HSM Jamaica 2018

Even in my second year leading high schoolers to Jamaica, I wasn't sure what to expect. With a much smaller, more inexperienced team, we boarded a plane the day after Easter and left home. None of our students had ever left the country or been on a mission trip before. The ride in the van to Life in Abundance was enough of a culture shock for them, but God had more He wanted to show them.

As we went out and engaged the Silent Hill community, I could see our students being stretched out of their comfort zones. Some of them were shy and seldom have conversations with strangers (much less, faith conversations). But seeing them rely and depend on the Holy Spirit was a joy for me as a leader. We made friends and shared our stories with dozens of Jamaicans in Silent Hill.

We saw different gifts and skill sets on display as some were more gifted in working with young children, some in sports, some in game ideas, some in conversation. God wanted to show our team that He is with us in the whole of every moment both at home and abroad. The boldness that came through the Spirit led to conversations about the Kingdom. Four people gave their lives to Christ as a result of God working through our small, inexperienced team. We came in praying for safety and to see some small wins for the Kingdom. We came away seeing God change people's eternities.

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