This tree house is located at a home for women who have been victimized by sex trafficking. I was blessed to have the opportunity to be welcomed into their home for a few days on a mission trip. To spend day to day time with them in their personal surroundings. We bonded with the women, we did Bible study, crafts, cleaning, cooking, bowling, pizza, community volunteer work, hugging, encouraging and loving them, we became friends.

One resident played guitar and sang, in a touching moment, while making smores around the fire pit and singing, she began to pray her heart out, we sat in humble silence as she prayed, what a God moment!. I had an opportunity to take a short hike on the property with one resident, she told me some of her story, it is heart wrenching. There is a cross located on the property and she was looking forward to warm weather where she could walk to the cross and do her Bible Study. When we returned she asked if I would like to go up in the tree house with her, while standing there, as I looked down on this home, a sanctuary for them, I was reminded how God looks down on his people and cares for our needs. This ministry is truly a sanctuary here on earth for them.

Please pray for:

Their recovery, specifically a new place to call home when they leave, they cannot return to their original homes for safety reasons.

Pray God will continue to rescue others

Pray for the staff, for resilience, encouragement and strength as they have been called to this ministry

Also, please pray for the abusers who need healing from evil in their lives.

Pray God will cease all this activity in this world

To God be the Glory

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