Monday Day 2: Scarlet Road

So today, day 2 of our trip, we went to a place called Scarlet Road. None of us really knew what our job would be there, what we were going to be challenged with, or how the organization really worked. Once we got there, after talking to one of the founders of Scarlet Road, we quickly realized the greatness and beauty of that specific type of ministry. For those of you that don’t know what Scarlet Road is, it’s a Christ centered organization that works with mostly woman who are victims of sex trafficking. We heard facts, stories, and saw the passion of the place that we entered, quickly changing the way we looked at that particular issue that occurs almost everywhere. Throughout our time being there, we talked with people we met previously on the trip, shared stories, helped rearrange an office space for these woman to do a job that for us was somewhat little and not so complicated, but for them was time consuming and difficult to accomplish thoroughly. I feel like personally that particular issue hit close to home because of things that I have experienced in my life, causing me to ask questions and speak with the founder on a different level. This conversation mad me realized the seriousness of the issue and all of the dynamics behind it. This day overall was very successful, we helped these women, we learned a lot personally, and I really felt God in that short time we were there, so I’m thankful for that time, and the opportunities that came, we all are.

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