It’s the Small Things

On Sunday, we were able to visit Intrepid Church, just southwest of Seattle, and help out with their Easter services. We got to lead worship, which was amazing, but that wasn’t what ministered to me the most. James and Kody, the two guys on staff, really encouraged me with their faithfulness. Coming from Southeast where we’ve been blessed with so many resources, it’s easy to forget there are churches all over the country who have to rely on God's faithfulness for people to even show up. The lead pastor, James, was standing outside before both services, waiting to greet anyone who came and hold the door for them. What a picture of servant leadership that was. It was so amazing for me to be able to see a church that has to trust God with every step, even with the small things, like will our coffee lady show up. They said one thing that will always stick with me: “We just show up.” They’re consistent in what God has called them to do, and they leave the rest up to him. They set their alarms, drive to the strip where their building is, set up the chairs, welcome people, preach and lead, then clean it all up on Monday. Week in, week out. They don’t have any idea how God is using their small acts of service, but in a way, that’s more freeing than having to figure it out yourself. Pray that for the rest of this trip, we would be faithful to God’s call and do what he calls us to do, and leave the rest up to him.

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