I wanted to take a moment to share something I learned from visiting CCAM this past month. First of all, CCAM, which stands for Christian Churches Abilities Ministry, is a Christian residence for adults with special needs. When my team and I first arrived, Mrs. Ronna (who oversees everything at CCAM), after giving us a list of tasks to do, told us, "If a resident comes up to you while you are working and asks you to go for a walk with them, stop what you're doing and go for a walk with them...." Its more important to spend time with people than to focus on work. Little did I know that's exactly what I needed to hear. Before I knew it, however, I had become caught up in the tasks that lay before our team in doing VBS for the residents, which included a time of worship and playing my guitar. During craft time of one of the sessions, one of the residents came up to me and began to tell me about his desire to learn to play the guitar so he could surprise his mother when she came to visit him. Before I knew what was happening, I was drawing out chord diagrams and explaining everything I could to teach him how to play his favorite song, "In the Garden." When I had finished my explanation, the rest of the team had nearly finished packing everything up for the night from VBS. God had been working on me. I realized for the first time I had willingly allowed myself to be interrupted, and it wasn't so bad after all. It didn't really seem like a big deal at the time. Little did I know, however, how much that very simple act meant to him and what I would have missed out on if I had not taken the time to do that. When he thanked me, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude; it was such a huge blessing to be able to help him. The first lesson I learned from this is, God uses you even when you think He can't. I was most unqualified for teaching this resident how to play guitar. I am self taught and have not even been playing a year! The second lesson I learned is, don't get so caught up in what you are doing that you miss the simple moments in life where you can make a difference and that really matter. Time does not belong to us. I am learning to surrender "my time" to God and I truly believe He can use me to make a bigger difference for Him if I choose now to make the most of every moment. In the end it's the little things that matter, so allow yourself to be interrupted and see what God does through you! Its not my time, but His.

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