The Samaritan Woman. Sacrifices and Discoveries

On our trip to TSW I observed 3 men sacrificing their personal comfort for the sake of others and the mission. The first one I noticed was Mark. We traveled 10 hours one way in a large pick up truck. The truck had plenty of room, but there were 5 of us and 4 of us were 6 foot or taller. Mark was not. However he insisted on riding the whole way up and back in the middle of the back seat on the hump over the drive train. Thanks Mark.
The other two worked with serious physical ailments. They worked through heavy residential demolition, framing and setting heavy beams. Scott and Steve also endured the 20 hours in the truck. Steve was amazing as he worked through several miles of walking during the trip.
Praise be to God for these men giving their time and being significantly uncomfortable while serving the women of TSW.

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