New York City started out with a bang, traveling to all those sights you see in movies. Seeing the Statue of Liberty, The Freedom Tower, and etc. was such a marvelous time, eating at a mall in the financial district with the cheapest store being Gucci. Soon enough, i found myself praying with the homeless on subways, and helping Indians learn english in Queens. My most favorite thing about going to "Little India" was walking around and getting completly transformed how when i walked down the street all of a sudden i'd be walking in a Sari store and telling people about this program where they could learn english, for free, as well as giving them free treats to suit their needs. Later on in the trip we got to experince what it was like to be in full on evangelism, and what it meant to explain Jesus and get challenged on our faith like a Hindu man asking me "If Jesus is God, he wouldn't die, so how did he die if he is God" or whilst getting on the subway an older person handing me a sheet about how we are all going to be marked with the beast, and have barcodes engraved in our foreheads, realizing this is the only form of christianity that 25-30% or even more New Yorkers know. Its truly an eyeopening, emotional, and super amazing trip to take, and if you are considering this life changing experince I suggest you take it!!


Caleb Newman -- Class of 2018

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