Day 5 | CCDM

This whole trip has been an extremely humbling experience for me. Yesterday we went to the Christian Church Disability Ministry (CCDM) which is a home for the disabled elderly. While we were there we had a small acoustic worship set up. Nothing big just very simple and raw. It was really amazing to watch everyone join in and sing. One lady named Betty-Ann taught us a few worship songs and continued singing the rest of the night. She really worshiped God, it was beautiful, she showed God through her spirit not by her words or clothes or what she let people see. She was honest and it was so wonderful watching God shine through her and everyone around me that day. After a few worship songs and a home cooked meal we danced and jumped around together to more music. I think I can speak on behalf of our team that this was a really eye opening way to end our week. We were all able to breathe without the pressure of lights and sounds... I felt like I was at home, relaxed having a wonderful time with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

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